Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • How do I create my web space?

    To create your web space, go to and authenticate it with your UTRGV email and password. Web space accounts are only created for current UTRGV students.

  • How long will it take for my account to be ready to use?

    After successful authentication, it may take up to 30 minutes for your account to be created and ready to use.

  • How much web space do I get?

    Web space is 500 megabytes.

  • What will my web space website address be?

    Your web space website address will be: + firstpartofyouremailaddress/.

    For example: If your UTRGV email address is, your web space website address will be

  • How can I transfer/upload files to my web space?

    You can transfer or upload files to your web space by:

    1. Mapping a network drive to your computer.
    2. Install and login to VPN client program. If you are not familiar with VPN, please review these instructions on how to download and login to the VPN client.
    3. Using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client program. You must be using the on-campus network or VPN to access FTP. If you are not familiar with FTP, please review these instructions on how to download and use a free FTP client program.

  • Can I use any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program?

    Yes, as long as it supports FTP over SSL. (See the instructions above.)

  • What filename can I use for my website’s homepage?

    You can name it default.htm, index.htm, or index.html.

  • How can I edit my index.html page?

    You can use any HTML editor. Get a quick start on how to use Publisher or Word as html editors.

  • I am still having issues, who can I contact?

    For technical issues, please contact the IT Service Desk by submitting an IT Help Request in the Information Technology Support Center from